Nikola’s Milton seeks new trial

Nicola Corporation founder Trevor Milton was found guilty of misleading investors about the electric truck maker’s prospects after a jury found him guilty of improper instructions from a judge and one He sought a new trial, claiming that a juror had lied to participate in the panel.

Milton was found guilty of securities and wire fraud in October after a month-long trial. It was a stunning downfall for the millionaire door-to-door salesman who promised to revolutionize the auto industry. In a court filing late Wednesday, his attorneys said he intended to deceive investors so that a jury could convict his clients of three of the four counts of action against him. He claimed he had erroneously believed there was no need to find it.

“The extraordinary facts that gave rise to this allegation establish a disturbing reality.The jury found that Mr. Milton had no criminal intent and, if properly directed, would acquit him on all counts. Defendant Trevor Milton was convicted on three counts,” they said. Citing recent juror comments in the press, he said:

Milton also said one juror lied on the panel and denied during interrogation that she had a negative view of wealthy business executives, and that she took to social media. He said he does not use YouTube and gets his news only from YouTube. ‘, and “shows a close connection to news and current events,” says Milton.

His attorneys also ruled that “there was no evidence that Mr. Milton made false statements to obtain money from publicly traded shareholders of Nikola stock,” thus dismissing his conviction on one count of wire fraud. argued that it should

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