Nikola’s new brand HYLA will supply and distribute hydrogen

Nikola’s new brand HYLA takes charge of hydrogen supply and distribution

Nikola Corp. has announced a new global hydrogen energy brand, HYLA, which will become the hydrogen production and distribution umbrella for the zero-emission truck company.

At Wednesday’s internal event, CEO Michael Lohscheller also unveiled the final production version of the Nikola Tre fuel cell electric vehicle, which will hit the market this year. Roescherer said the truck has a range of 500 miles and an estimated refueling time of less than 20 minutes.

To power Nikola’s hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks, the company and its partners had to find a way to develop the infrastructure to support hydrogen supply and demand, said Carey Mendes, president. It’s HYLA’s turn.

“We set out to build the world’s first class 8 hydrogen truck, but we knew that wasn’t enough,” said Mendes. “For that truck to be successful, we have to consider both the chicken and the egg.”

HYLA’s mission is to secure a supply of clean hydrogen and distribute it to customers at competitive prices, said Mendes. Nikola has integrated hydrogen fuel cell trucks and a complete hydrogen energy infrastructure with his supply chain under one roof, Lohscheller said.

Nikola aims to develop access to up to 300 tons of hydrogen per day by 2026. This will begin at a fuel depot in Arizona, he said.

Construction of the first phase of the Phoenix Hydrogen Hub in Buckeye, Arizona is expected to be completed in the second half of 2024. The hub will start with 30 tonnes of hydrogen in the first stage and up to 150 tonnes per day in future stages. .

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— Miranda Dunlap

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