Nissan: Days’ supply should stay at 30-45

Nissan is “determined” to deliver most models of vehicles to dealers in 30 to 45 days, Nissan America chairman Jeremy Papin said Wednesday.

Supply will depend on segment and battery levels, and some market segments may need a little more inventory to offer a more diverse offering, he said.

But Nissan wanted to compete with other manufacturers, not within its own network, Papin said.

“We’re not going back to where we were,” Papin said at the American Financial Services Association’s vehicle finance conference in Dallas.

Papin said his automaker is “perfectly aligned” with dealers on inventory.

“We don’t force cars on them,” Papin said. “They need to pull us.”

He said Nissan shared the production schedule with dealers two months in advance, so they knew exactly what they would receive.

Mr. Papin said Nissan had made progress in resolving supply problems that have hampered production.

Two years ago, ’80+’ components were a problem for automakers to source. Now that number is closer to “one or two.” What parts were missing may change, but “no more” than that few, he said.

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