Nissan, Renault agree to limit use of IP in new venture, paper says

Nissan and Renault have agreed to limit the use of jointly developed intellectual property in the new company established by Renault. Nikkei on Wednesday.

As Renault and Nissan negotiated a restructuring of their decades-old partnership, the sharing of technology stymied the two companies, Reuters reported in October.

The French and Japanese automakers have discussed the future of their partnership, including the possibility of Nissan investing in an electric vehicle business spun out of Renault.

At the same time, Renault and China’s Geely will launch a new, equally owned joint venture, codenamed ‘Ma’, which will supply petrol engines and hybrid technology not only to brands that own them, but also to other automakers. I agreed.

Renault had told Nissan that it wanted to use patents and other intellectual property acquired jointly with Nissan in the new business, the report said, citing sources.

However, Nissan has expressed concerns about its handling of IP, including battery and powertrain technology.

To forestall competition with the new company and prevent technology leaks, Nissan said it would not allow the use of joint IP for products offered in the United States and China. NodI will report that I said

Reuters reported in November that Nissan wants to ensure that its key internal combustion engine and hybrid technology is protected in any deal with Renault and Geely.

Nissan did not immediately respond to a request for comment by Reuters outside of normal business hours. A Renault spokeswoman declined to comment.

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