Nissan warns dealers Ariya supplies will be tight in 2023

Arya’s availability and affordability was on the minds of dealers at Sunday’s meeting, and many of the nearly 200 retailers in attendance wanted to know why they weren’t receiving more units. .

“Every dealer was talking about how many customers they had waiting or wanting to order,” said Tyler Slade, chairman of the Nissan Dealer Advisory Board. car news.

Nissan declined to disclose Ariya’s U.S. quota. However, about 6,000 units have been allocated for fiscal year 2022, which ends March 31, 2023, of which about 4,500 have been manufactured, according to officials briefed on the matter.

Nissan is expected to ramp up production of the Ariya later this year, increasing its U.S. allocation to about 30,000 units in fiscal 2023.

Slade, an operating partner at Tim Dahl Nissan Southtown in the Salt Lake City suburb of Tim Dahl Nissan Southtown, said his store has attracted interest from about 100 prospective customers. Some of them have deposits, he said.

One dealer who attended the meeting said he was “shocked and deflated” by the shortage of Halo models.

“Why can’t Ariya be produced in acceptable quantities?” The dealer requested that he not be identified.

“Customers walked in saying, ‘It’s sold, let’s buy it,'” the dealer said. “But I can’t tell them when that will be.”

Slade said rarity is fine.

“We want to increase supply and demand because we are holding the trading price,” he said. “For the average dealer, this is good, as long as they have some throughput.”

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