Noida News: The middle class getting fascinated by hatchback cars

Middle class fascinated by hatchback cars

Who Sees the Most Budget Cars at Auto Expos

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Greater Noida. Struggling with expensive cars and deteriorating budgets post-coronavirus, the middle class is turning to hatchbacks again. Budget cars are the most inquired about at Auto Expo. Car prices have increased by about 15-20% over the past three years. This shocked the middle class who bought hatchback cars at low rates. During this time, the Covid-19 epidemic broke the back of the middle class. Therefore, many people are satisfied with just motorcycles. Many companies withdrew small cars from the market. This includes Multi’s Alto and Tata’s Nano. The company also hasn’t launched a brand of smaller cars or lower-priced hatchbacks in recent years. Meanwhile, middle-class customers are looking for. Now at Auto Expo, major auto companies showcase his CNG and ethanol hatchbacks. At the same time, the company introduced a model facelift (redesign). Cars such as Marti’s ethanol-powered Wagoner, Swift, Tata’s CNG Punch and CNG Ultros are the most popular this time around.

We’ve had a lot of inflation in the auto sector over the last couple of years. Separately, middle-class customers have been hit hard by the Covid pandemic. Meanwhile, middle-class customers tend to prefer low-priced hatchbacks.

Aseem Sharma, Automotive Expert

Maruti Wagonar S-CNG: Maruti has introduced a Wagonar vehicle in the old hatchback segment that is very popular in the green mobility category. The company presents this old favorite design in its original form. Launched in LXI and VXI classes. The company keeps the initial price at Rs 55,000.

Swift-CNG: Multi has introduced the most popular Swift vehicle in the hatchback segment of the CNG segment. Its initial price is held at 5.91 rough. The company has attracted people by making some changes to its design.

Tata Altroz ​​CNG: Tata introduced a hatchback segment car with CNG Avatar. The company maintains an initial price of his 6.30 laf in the CNG category. Many people came to know it at Auto Expo.

Tata Punch CNG: Tata introduced the hatchback design Punch car. The CNG version brings a comfortable design to the hatchback segment and offers an affordable price to the masses. The company keeps the price from his Rs 65 lakh to his Rs 8 lakh.


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