North Texas Jeep club rescues drivers stranded on icy roads

The roads are tough for all drivers, but even more so for 18-wheelers.

Across the metroplex, big rig drivers struggle to maintain traction. That happened Tuesday at Spur 408 and his I-20 in southern Dallas County.

A truck driver was stuck for hours and needed reinforcements to help.

Ice storm warning threatens parts of northern Texas with downed trees, power outages

While most people stay inside their homes during a winter storm, a group of Jeep drivers rushed to Duncanville’s I-20 to tow an 18-wheeler stranded on an icy highway. I said I had to go out to a dark place along the coast.

Aime Gomez belongs to Carnales Off Road Club. She says the jeep is not only fun, but comes in handy in icy conditions.

“So once he got traction, he was able to keep moving,” she said.

Gomez says he’s not surprised Jeep can pull these 18-wheelers.

“Okay,” she said.

The 18-wheeler continued to get stuck while driving uphill along the eastbound lane of I-20. In the downhill, westbound lane, cars were wriggling as they slid on the ice.

Driver Eric Kron says the 18-wheeler had a close call right in front of his truck.

“Suddenly it started to slide all over the road, so I decided to stop the car,” he said. “As you can see, the truck in front of me has been jackknifed. It’s scary. It’s scary because you can’t control the car.”

North Texas drivers dealing with dangerous situations

Crong says he travels all over the country for work.

“I drive a lot for work. I don’t usually come from Texas,” he said. “I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

TxDOT continues to treat the roads during the ice, but the situation is far from safe.

Most highways in and around Dallas are covered in snow, mud, and ice.

Some of the neighbors are seen traveling on ATVs.

So while it’s unusual to see good Samaritans taking control of a frozen highway to help truck drivers, they believe that’s exactly where they need them.

“If I’m freezing, I know they’re freezing,” Gomez said.

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