Only 1 Hatchback Lasts More Than 200,000 Miles, and It’s Too Dead To Buy a New One

The hatchback takes the lightweight, eco-friendly platform of a small car and adds liftback versatility. But sedan-like hatchbacks are dying compared to SUVs, trucks, and crossovers in the American market. Yet one of the options used was included in iSeeCars’ longevity study of the longest lasting cars of the last decade. Many hatchbacks have staying power, but the now-discontinued Honda Fit promises well over 200,000 miles with proper care and maintenance.

Is the Honda Fit a hatchback?

The Honda Fit is a five-passenger hatchback with liftback liftback access for ample cargo capacity and affordable used car prices. For example, the 2020 Honda Fit starts at around $17,185, making it an affordable liftback option. Even better, the Honda Fit has the highest mileage rating in the iSeeCars longevity survey. Specifically, the study revealed that his 1% mileage on Honda Fit models over the last ten years averaged 207,231 miles.

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