Pair In Jeep Flee From Police After Speeding Around Downtown Concord

Concord, New Hampshire — A Concord woman with a 20-year long criminal record is in more trouble after being charged with downtown drug possession.

At approximately 6:30 a.m. May 21, 2022, officers saw the Jeep turn from Water Street to Hall Street, abruptly enter a CVS parking lot, return to Hall and Water Street, and speed north. I saw the Officers tracked down the SUV vehicle and said it suddenly turned into a Dunkin’ He Donuts parking lot on South He Street on Main Street. When the officers entered the parking lot, they could not see the driver and suspected that he had left the area on foot to avoid the officers.

A vehicle registration check found that its owner, a man, had had his privileges suspended, and a plate belonging to a Chevrolet Impala was also suspended.

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Officers requested access to Dunkin’ security cameras and confirmed that the driver, a white man, and a white woman who had been a passenger, ran north from the scene.

Officers checked the vehicle’s VIN and found it was connected to a 2008 Jeep Commander, but it was not registered in New Hampshire and the vehicle had a June expiration date. The VIN on the inspection also did not match the vehicle’s VIN, according to the report.

Find out what’s happening in ConcordGet free real-time updates from Patch.

Inside the vehicle, officers saw pills on the floor near a purse and a butane torch in the center console, the report said.

On May 22, Dispatch ran a VIN and found it connected to Lindsey Paglieroni, 40, of Hall Street, Concord. Dunkin’ security video.

Earlier, according to an affidavit, Paglieroni was convicted in Grafton High Court in October 2017 for drug possession and cocaine sales, officers wrote.

A search warrant for the jeep was requested. Officers found a prescription drug container containing melatonin, several small glass tubes with brown and white burnt residue consistent with the drug, another woman’s license, EBT card, and debit card in her early 40s. Papers he found in her one third. According to affidavits, the name of a woman who lived in Epsom. Officers said she found crack bong smoking devices in her purse that matched her crack cocaine and crack her pipes, the report said.

The check also found that Paglieroni had a parole warrant for the 2017 charges.

Police reportedly tried to call her, but she didn’t answer.

The affidavit was filed on June 15, 2022 and the warrant was issued on July 20, 2022.

Paglieroni was arrested on December 22, 2022 at 1:00 pm for felony possession of a controlled substance.

Paglieroni is scheduled to return to Merrimack County Superior Court for a disciplinary hearing on April 13.

The man who was driving the Jeep has not been charged.

High Court records show that Paglieroni’s criminal history stretches back more than 20 years when he pleaded guilty to felony theft charges in Nashua in November 2002.

Paglieroni was charged in October 2007 with drug possession, two counts of possession and sale of narcotics, and suspension of Hudson registration. His possession charges were later denied, but in May 2008 he pleaded guilty to two drug and registration charges.

In December 2008, she was again charged with theft in Litchfield, and was charged in May 2009. Her charges went to a jury and she was found guilty in July 2011. Part of the ruling included Paglieroni paying victims approximately $53,000 in damages. The sentence was amended in January 2013 and she was given a release of her work in May 2013.

In Bedford in December 2011, she was accused of identity fraud and willful cover-up following an incident at a Bob’s store. She was indicted on her March 2012. In January 2012, she was again accused of theft. She was accused of stealing merchandise from TJ Maxx, DOTS, Payless, and Sally’s Stores, this time in Manchester.

Paglieroni pleaded guilty to charges of theft, identity fraud, and concealment in September 2012.

In November 2011 in Merrimack, she was accused of receiving counterfeit and stolen goods. She pleaded guilty to her forgery and property claims in June 2012.

In 2017, in Lebanon, she was accused of drug possession, including cocaine, and pleaded guilty to two counts in October 2017.

Also in Merrimack, Paglieroni was accused of theft in July 2018. She was indicted two months after her. In October 2019, she pleaded guilty to her charges. In January 2020, Paglieroni said she was found guilty of two violations or probation or parole charges.

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