Panasonic Automotive Updates SkipGen In-Vehicle Infotainment System to Offer Industry-First Wake Word Access to Siri and Alexa

Las Vegas, January 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — At CES 2023 today, Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America is the global expert in connected car infotainment solutions and a division of Panasonic Corporation. North Americaannounced updates to its SkipGen in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system, demonstrating industry-first vehicle integration. This allows a customer to simultaneously access Siri when using his Apple CarPlay or Alexa by simply saying “Hey Siri” or “Alexa” respectively. .

Panasonic Automotive’s SkipGen creates a customer-friendly experience for in-vehicle voice requests through the company’s deep experience in integrating Apple CarPlay with its products, combined with an implementation of Amazon’s latest Alexa Auto SDK. With SkipGen, some customers may use Siri for his iPhone features in Apple CarPlay, Alexa for in-vehicle controls, and more. This increases value for the customer as it provides simultaneous access to Siri and Alexa and corresponding functions on his one system via wake word.

Currently, 123.5 million U.S. adults use a voice assistant at least once a month, and that number is projected to grow to 126.8 million by 2025. , should give customers access when and where they need it by providing more choice. That is why Amazon and Panasonic Automotive worked together to develop this integration for his SkipGen enabled by the Alexa Auto SDK, relying on Panasonic’s deep experience in integrating Siri and CarPlay into automotive systems.

“Our latest integrations with Amazon’s SDKs are built on strong multi-year relationships and collaborations to improve ambient digital experiences in a variety of environments. Andrew Paul, CTO of Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America. “Customers want to take their voice assistants with them on the go, and we are thrilled to team them up with industry-first integrations that seamlessly enable calls, music playback, navigation and more.”

“Voice interoperability is a pillar of Amazon’s broader vision to extend ambient intelligence. We provide the best experience when services can be accessed simultaneously.” Aaron Rubenson, Vice President of Amazon Alexa. “We are excited about this cross-industry collaboration because it builds on this shared vision to improve the way people interact with their vehicles.”

Amazon established the Voice Interoperability Initiative (VII). This is a program whose mission is to enable voice-enabled products to offer customers choice and flexibility by supporting multiple voice AIs simultaneously in one device. Amazon launched VII in 2019 with 35 companies and the number is now over 90 strong members.

In addition to the benefits of multi-assistant integration, the Alexa Auto SDK provides core Alexa functionality such as wake word detection, speech recognition, and synthesis. It also allows you to customize automotive control functions, monitor and control smart home devices, get weather forecasts, interact with media playback, perform local search and navigation, and use certain Alexa functions when Internet connectivity is not available. It also provides features such as access to local voice control.

“The voice interoperability offered by the SkipGen system is a great example of the powerful experiences unlocked with Amazon’s latest Automotive SDK,” said Anes Hodzic, VP of Amazon Smart Vehicles. “We are pleased to partner with Panasonic Automotive to bring this capability to automakers, and continue our vision of delivering personalized, positive and intuitive digital experiences that delight drivers and passengers. I am happy to be able to do it.”

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