Paulina Gretzky poses in bikini with ducklings in pink jeep: ‘The cutest!’

Paulina Gretzky shares a candid photo in a pink bikini and matching pink jeep with two ducklings via Instagram/@paulinagretzky

Paulina Gretzky is cute in pink.

On Monday, the 34-year-old daughter of NHL legend Wayne Gretzky posted a series of sun-kissed photos to Instagram.

In the photo, Gretzky wears a pink bikini and poses in a pink jeep with two ducklings.

“Just a chick,” she captioned the post with a chick emoji for her 999,000+ followers.

Many fans noted that her adorable sidekick was a “duckling” rather than a chick, but they still praised the effort and praised Gretzky for her stunning Barbie-inspired looks.

“Nice ride! Did you come with ducklings?” one Instagram user commented.

Another addition: “Hmm! Cutest”.

“So gorgeous,” said another, while another wrote, “Absolutely cute!”

“Love that pink ride,” one fan commented. “You look so gorgeous!”

One person wrote, “So cute! And you look great!”

Gretzky also shared some pictures of the ducklings on her Instagram story.

This post comes two weeks after we shared a carousel of snaps from our lavish disco-themed 34th birthday party. Dubbed “Studio 34,” the party was held before his actual birthday on December 19th, after Studio 54, a New York club that was popular in the 1970s.

In the photo, Gretzky rocked two fully sequined outfits.

In the first snap, she smiled in front of a neon sign reading “Paulina’s Studio 34.” The actress wore her two-piece silver and black set, complete with a sequined bralette and skirt, and a black choker her necklace.

For the rest of the photo, she changed into a pink sleeveless plunging mini dress with dizzying silver heels.

“Studio 34,” she captioned it.

Fans immediately complimented her post for looking “attractive.”

“Absolutely amazing,” one fan commented, while another wrote, “You guys are all amazing.”

One fan commented, “Glamorous AF!”

“I’m obsessed with this look,” shared another.

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