Peugeot Confirms It Will Launch Five New EVs By 2025

Peugeot unveiled its first E-308 and E-308 SW (station wagon) last year. This is the first of five battery-electric models he plans to add to the range by 2025. The remaining three of his are now identified as E-408. , E-3008 and E-5008, but no information about the specifications has been published.

For the two E-308 models (pictured), we know Peugeot will use a new 156 hp front-mounted motor and a 54 kWh battery pack with 51 kWh of available capacity. The efficient running of these vehicles allows him to travel up to 400 km (250 miles) of his WLTP on a single charge. It doesn’t have fast charging and can only charge up to 100 kW, but it can still maintain a 20-80 percent state of charge in 25 minutes.

Peugeot has already launched the 408 as a mild-hybrid sedan, but three other electric models have yet to be revealed. Unlike its predecessor, the new car is best described as a stilted fastback. It’s not a crossover, but it’s clearly higher than most cars. Standard-sized car.

The E-408 is expected to use the same powertrain and battery pack as the E-308, but its less efficient body probably won’t match the stated range of the hatchback. Neither the E-308 nor the E-408 have an all-wheel drive option.

Given that the E-3008 and E-5008 (essentially electric crossover versions of the 308 and 508) will be taller and bigger vehicles, Peugeot has a bigger battery, more power and even It offers dual motor all-wheel drive. In fact, they are built on another platform, STLA Medium.

This will allow manufacturers to offer the E-3008 three different powertrain options, at least one of which will be all-wheel drive. This is probably true for his E-5008 as well, although this has not been confirmed with the larger E-5008.

When Peugeot’s parent company Stellantis detailed its platform lineup, it said the STLA Medium could accommodate battery packs from 87 kWh to 104 kWh. With this, Peugeot says the E-3008 will allow him to travel up to 700 km (440 miles) on his WLTP on a single charge.

The E-5008 isn’t that big, so it should come close to that, but it does offer an optional third row of seats.

Interestingly, Peugeot boasts that these new electric vehicles are all ‘born EVs’, although three out of five already have internal combustion engines. Recently, the manufacturer also confirmed that the He 3008 and He 5008 will be available with an ICE powertrain with Mild He hybrid technology.

The E-3008 will be unveiled sometime this year, and the E-5008 will be announced “soon after”.

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