Peugeot to launch 3008 and 5008 EVs with 700 km range

The current 3008 and 5008, launched in 2016 and 2017 respectively, are Peugeot’s bestsellers. Both models were previously minivans, but have been relocated to his growing SUV/crossover segment. The 3008 is available with plug-in hybrid as well as non-hybrid petrol and diesel engines. 5008 does not have a hybrid option.

According to Dataforce figures, the 3008 was sixth in the European compact SUV segment in 2022 with sales of 100,835 units. 5008 he sold 36,187 units, placing him sixth in the mid/large SUV segment. Both models saw a drop of over 25% as shipping and logistics issues impacted deliveries of his Stellantis brand towards the end of 2022.

48V mild hybrid system

Peugeot will also launch a 48-volt mild-hybrid drivetrain in 2023, enabling up to 50% zero-emission city driving, Michelon said. It will also reduce emissions by 15%, he added.

Michelon said the 48-volt drivetrain will be rolled out “rapidly” to all passenger car models in the brand’s lineup. The system combines a 100 or 136 hp petrol engine with his 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox incorporating a 21-kilowatt electric motor.

Looking even further ahead, Jackson and Michelon are preparing a complete overhaul of the cockpit’s human-machine interface (HMI), which will include an electronic “steer-by-wire” system coming in 2026.

The new interface utilizes three Stellantis technology platforms. STLA SmartCockpit infotainment; STLA Autodrive for autonomous driving;

Phil York, marketing director for Jackson and Peugeot, said the brands are also taking steps to address the affordability of electric vehicles, but will offer minicar EVs to replace the 108 models that are currently out of production. No plans to. Peugeot will launch two different payment plans for its fully electric cars.

  • A “pay as you go” program based on monthly mileage usage: e-208 starts at €150 per month for 500 km and costs 7 cents per km. The plan could also apply to other models, York said.
  • Peugeot Your Way: Monthly payment includes lease cost service and maintenance, insurance and recharging. Details were not disclosed.

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