Plante Moran’s OEM-Supplier Working Relations Index Study

what is that: A key annual study that assesses the health of partnerships between suppliers and major North American automakers from a supplier perspective. In a survey, released each spring, he rates these relationships on a scale of 500, with higher scores indicating higher supplier satisfaction in areas such as communication and effective resolution of any problems that arise. increase.

Where did you come from: Consulting firm Plante Moran conducted a survey of hundreds of Tier 1 automotive supplier executives. The 2022 study, which surveyed 673 executives from 436 suppliers, revealed findings on his six major automakers: General Motors, Honda, Ford, Nissan, Stellantis and Toyota. I was.

how to use: This study provides the industry with a quantitative measure of what is qualitative in nature. The relationship between automakers and suppliers has been particularly relevant in recent years as both sides deal with unprecedented supply chain challenges and financial pressures on suppliers. While identifying high-scoring automakers for benchmarking purposes, the study highlights specific areas where underperforming companies struggle.

Possible exploitation methods: This figure reflects the sentiment of supplier executives at some point in the year. In other words, the results don’t reflect how customers feel as the years go by. The study also highlights supplier relationships with only six North American automakers, giving little insight into what other automakers are doing.

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