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BILLINGS, MT – The second monthly free automotive workshop at Billings City College of Montana State University for women eager to learn more about cars has filled all the seats.

Automotive instructor Katherine Fow, or cut to her students, introduced public classes at City College to create a space where women felt comfortable shifting knowledge.

Kat, who is chairman of the school’s Transportation and Welding Department, explained what drove the introduction of extracurricular courses.

“Through my teaching, I have discovered that there are many people who are not familiar with their cars and are afraid to ask, especially women in the industry, and we use cars every day. increase.”

She continued, “It’s just the lack of knowledge that we have. So I’m going to let the public feel free to ask questions about what they don’t know about the cars they drive every day.” It is said that

This class teaches students about various parts and functions of automobiles and how to repair them yourself.

Kat hopes the class will have a lasting impact not only on the cars it services, but also on the students.

Looking to the future, Kat says she wants to. “People in this class can leave and they’ll get the knowledge that ‘Yes, I can do this. I don’t have to rely on anyone else.’ Please find out, I can do this. So I just want participants to take with them when they leave that knowledge is power. “

During the interactive class, participants looked under the hood and body of several vehicles to learn and demonstrate how to jack up a car and change a tire. It also gave me the opportunity to ask expert questions that might be hard to hear elsewhere.

Through this class, women can fill knowledge gaps and not only save their cars, but stay safe on the road.

Classes will continue at City College and the next workshop is scheduled for March 4th at 10am.

But Kat Fow says she plans to continue offering more public classes as long as women continue to show interest.

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