Ram Revolution anchors Stellantis drive to sustainability

Ram Revolution anchors Stellantis’ commitment to sustainability

At CES on Thursday, the stylish Ram 1500 Revolution battery-powered electric pickup took the stage as the shining star.

But the concept car is just one part of a wider galaxy where Stellantis is mapping out a plan to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2038.

The Electric 1500 previews the upcoming production version of the truck. Other gears in the company’s quest to achieve its vision include the electric aircraft that Stellantis plans to build at Archer Aviation and the electric Peugeot Inception concept that made headlines at CES.

This vision continues with eco-friendly commercial vehicles, including the first electric Ram ProMaster to handle Amazon’s load, coming this year. A hydrogen-powered Ram Heavy Duty pickup is coming later in the decade, building on the progress Stellantis has seen in Europe with fuel cell vans.

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares said the company “has the right focus and resources to support, shape and scale the best breakthroughs in all aspects of sustainable mobility.”

Tavares laid out the company’s goals in a lofty keynote at CES that sought to explain the position of automakers in the world.

“Everything Stellatis does today sets the table for achieving its carbon neutral commitment in just 15 years,” Tavares said. “With a clean, safe and affordable option. Leading the world movement is the only way to a sustainable future.For all of us, Lum is a great example among the many stars in the Stellantis galaxy.”

The 1500 Revolution features technologies such as a personal assistant powered by artificial intelligence, a ‘shadow mode’ where the truck uses sensors and cameras to track the driver, and smart home controls. Also on board is the intelligent His Storage app, which Ram said is his mobile application that helps users measure objects to determine if they can be transported in a vehicle.

Ram plans to launch a production version in the next few months. We plan to bring the electric truck to market in 2024.

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