Ranking The World’s Safest Cars For 2023

One of the great things about the modern automotive industry is how far designers and engineers have gone when it comes to safety. Since Volvo and Mercedes pioneered safety technology with seat belts and crumple zones in his late 1950s, the quest to create the safest cars in their respective segments has never stopped.

Today, you can be confident that you and your passengers can escape on foot in the event of an accident. Multiple airbags, clever crumple zones and tons of technical assistance have made cars safer than ever, as this list of the safest cars in 2022 proves. In 2023, it will be difficult to pick a car with his five-star safety rating.

This is a list of the safest cars on sale from various vehicle segments, as assessed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 2023.

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Ten toyota avalon

Image: Toyota USA

of Toyota Avalon is rated by NHTSA as one of the safest large sedans for model year 2023. This should give you a lot of confidence if you don’t want to get into an SUV or crossover.

With a score of 5/5 on the Side Collision Rating, a rollover risk of only 10.5%, and offering features such as Automatic Emergency Braking and Cross Traffic Alert, the Avalon has an overall NHTSA safety rating of 5. We easily reached the star.

Unlike Ford’s Taurus and General Motors’ Chevrolet Impala, Toyota’s choice to continue producing four-door sedans makes the Avalon an attractive choice if you want a traditionally reliable car. It makes very little fuss, yet confidently protects the occupants.

9 honda accord

2023 Honda Accord

Honda Two of their models score highly on this list as they are rated by NHTSA as some of the safest cars in their respective segments. The Accord ties in with the Toyota Avalon as the Japanese brand continues to impress the traditional sedan segment.

The Accord has been on the market since the 1970s, and in 2023 it has reached a true peak not only in occupant safety, but in general driving dynamics and engineering improvements. The Accord is a really great car and Honda should be proud that he is one of the top scoring manufacturers when it comes to safety.

With 5 stars in every category in 2022, the Accord will undoubtedly be the winner in 2023.

8 honda civic

2023 Honda Civic Sedan Touring
Via: Honda

Honda also scored impressively with its popular Civic model, making it one of the safest cars in the hatchback segment. Due to its increased size, it comes with additional safeguards, which the NHTSA appreciates as a result.

It scored 4 stars in head-on collisions, but 5 stars elsewhere, with only a 9.5% capsize risk. A Civic is a safe bet as a sturdy means of transportation for your loved ones.

It may be smaller than many cars available in the American market, but the Civic boasts immeasurable safety to its name and even made it onto the list of the safest cars you can do. Don’t let that be a deterrent.

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7 mazda 3

Image: Mazda Newsroom

Impressively, Mazda also has something to brag about. Alongside the Civic, NHTSA ranks the Mazda 3 as one of the safest hatchbacks in the segment.

The beautifully styled hatchback marked a proud moment for the Japanese brand, earning five stars for 2022 without changing its model for 2023.

The Mazda 3 not only looks great, it seems safe to travel. Japanese manufacturers score high on this list for safety, and how impressive it is to look cool while doing so.

6 dodge charger

Image: Dodge Media

The Dodge Charger has been one of America’s classic sedans since the iconic nameplate was revived in the mid-2000s. It was popular not only with regular buyers, but also with police officials. So it’s nice to have the peace of mind that he’s driving one of the safest cars the military sells.

Frontal crash rating for the charger was 4 stars, otherwise 5 stars. NHTSA also likes the host of safety features currently available, including automatic emergency braking and lane keeping assistance.

Therefore, it is good to know that a car with many occupants traveling long distances will protect the occupants as much as possible.

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Five Nissan Maxima

MY23 Nissan Maxima 5
Image: Nissan Media

Another top scorer in the sedan segment was the Nissan Maxima, which received five stars from NHTSA and the highest safety pick in the heavy-duty vehicle category.

Maxima is impressed with its long list of safety features for 2023, including driver attention monitoring and surround-view cameras. Maxima has been officially rated as one of the safest cars on sale today, which is a boost to consumer confidence.

If you’re considering buying Maxima for yourself, it’s worth taking a look at our guide on what to look out for.

Four Volkswagen ID4

Image: Volkswagen Media

The Volkswagen ID4 is the brand’s production all-electric vehicle and should be proud of the fact that NHTSA has classified it as the top pick for the safest EV on the market for 2023.

With 5 stars for frontal and side crashes and 4 stars for rollover, the ID4 is a solid vehicle for an electric high-altitude SUV, complete with pre-crash warning among many modern safety features. EV Volkswagen is a safe bet. As far as this segment is concerned.

Many people may be rightfully skeptical about the overall safety of EVs in the event of an accident, but the ID4 earned a five-star safety rating and said EV = not safe. We impressed the safety judges because we officially slapped the rumors. I’m very curious how ID Buzz works.

3 ford expedition

Image: Ford Media

As for the larger luxury SUV segment, popular cars like the Acura MDX and Kia Telluride on the 2022 list seem to have outdone Ford’s entry into the market, known as the Expedition.

The Expedition is one of the largest Ford models and SUVs on sale, with an impressive array of features along with an equally impressive safety rating.

The Expedition has been declared one of the safest cars on sale today. A wide range of safety features such as lane centering and steering assist earned it 4 stars in rollover tests and 5 stars in everything else. and is a great selling point for the target market.

2 Honda Ridge Line

Image: Honda Newsroom

Honda’s popular mid-duty truck officially earned an all-around safety rating of 5 stars, the highest rating in a segment where competitors manage at best only 4 stars. The Ridgeline rivals the Chevrolet Colorado and Ford Ranger, and they don’t even have equal safety ratings.

Therefore, in the event of a collision, the Ridgeline protects you and your occupants with the title of the safest medium-duty truck on the market today. Whether the American brand’s new version of the truck will outperform the Ridgeline remains to be seen.

1 Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey
Image: Honda Newsroom

The Odyssey is one of the most popular minivans sold in the United States, and it’s no surprise given its impression in related fields. The significant updates introduced for the 2021 model year have allowed the Odyssey to boast that in 2023 he’s the minivan segment’s top safety pick from NHTSA.

With 4 stars on rollover and 5 stars on everything else, the Odyssey beats out the competition and is one of the safest family cars on the market today. This is a particularly important consideration for your target market. This is most likely a couple with a large family. Buying the safest car on sale is a big selling point for this audience, and Honda has done impeccably with the Odyssey.

sauce: National Road Traffic Safety Association

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