Renesas’ New Automotive Intelligent Power Device Enables Safe and Flexible Power Distribution in Next-Generation E/E Architectures

Tokyo – (business wire)–Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723), a leading supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced a new automotive intelligent power device that safely and flexibly controls power distribution in vehicles to meet next-generation E requirements. (IPD) announced. /E (electrical/electronic) architecture. The new RAJ2810024H12HPD comes in a small His TO-252-7 package, reducing the footprint by approximately 40% compared to the traditional His TO-263 package product. In addition, the advanced current detection function of the new device enables highly accurate detection of abnormal currents such as overcurrent. The new IPD detects abnormal currents even at low loads, allowing engineers to design power control systems that can detect even small anomalies with greater safety and accuracy.

“We are very pleased to launch a new generation of automotive IPDs based on our new power MOSFET process. Renesas Automotive Analog Special Application Division Vice President Akira Omichi Renesas will continue to develop IPDs that improve the safety and reliability of power supply systems, and provide system-level solutions using microcontrollers to facilitate system development for customers. ”

New IPDs have been developed to meet the growing requirements of evolving E/E architectures. In a traditional distributed E/E architecture, battery power is distributed to each electronic control unit (ECU) through long, thick wires from a power box consisting of mechanical relays and fuses. IPDs have a longer life and are maintenance free compared to mechanical relays, so they can be placed anywhere in the vehicle. As the automotive industry moves towards centralized or zone-oriented E/E architectures, IPDs use shorter and thinner wires, making them an ideal choice for building efficient and flexible power networks. I have. Renesas IPDs in particular provide a more efficient, safer and smaller solution for power distribution control.

Main features of the new IPD (RAJ2810024H12HPD)

  • Single channel high side IPD

  • Tiny TO-252-7 package (6.10 x 6.50 mm: pins excluded)

  • Low on-resistance (Ron) of 2.3mΩ at 25°C (typ)

  • Accurate current sensing at low load

  • Built-in charge pump

  • Self-diagnostic feedback with load current sense

  • Protection functions such as load short circuit, overheat detection, sense current output, and GND open protection

  • Supports 3.3V/5V logic interface

  • Low standby current

  • Reverse battery protection with self-turn-on

  • AEC-Q100 and RoHS automotive qualified

“Distribution box with E-fuse” solution

Renesas offers a Power Distribution Box with an E-fuse solution using an existing IPD. By replacing traditional fuses in power boxes with tiny IPDs and programming fuse characteristics into microcontrollers, developers can optimize wire harnesses and improve reliability through current monitoring. The solution is part of Renesas’ Winning Combinations, an optimal combination of mutually compatible Renesas devices that work together seamlessly to reduce user design risk and speed time to market To do. Renesas offers over 300 Winning Combinations using the wide range of products in its portfolio. For more information, please visit


The RAJ2810024H12HPD is available today in sample quantities with volume production planned for Q1 2024. For more information on the new products, please visit

About Renesas Electronics

Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723) enables a safer, smarter, more sustainable future where technology makes our lives easier. A leading global provider of microcontrollers, Renesas combines expertise in embedded processing, analog, power, and connectivity to provide complete semiconductor solutions. These winning combinations accelerate time-to-market for automotive, industrial, infrastructure, and IoT applications, enabling billions of connected intelligent devices that improve the way people work and live. For more information, visit LinkedIn, Facebook, twitterYouTube, Instagram.

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