Russians in Bulgaria Donate Jeeps for Ukraine –

Russian A man who fled to Bulgaria donated his jeep to a Ukrainian non-governmental organization.

Said 3 vehicles would be used in war with Russia flora Akhmetova from the organization.

This is the contribution of Russian citizens Ukrainethe victory of PutinThe criminal regime that seized state power in Russia” pointed out Akhmetova.

3 jeeps will be sent Ukraine Vitaly Olenichuk of the non-governmental organization Victory 17 said it would be used by combat units for territorial defense made up of Russian citizens.

The organization believes that vehicles for the army Ukraine It is intended for the “Free Russia” corps.Another 4th car has already been sent Ukraine, flora It was explained to the journalist by the association.

“The Legion fighters are waiting for these cars. Every 3 days another car comes there.. This is the second convoy from Bulgaria.said Olenychuk, quoted by the BTA.

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