Select Tesla Superchargers open for all electric cars in Australia

US electric car giant Tesla has begun opening its dedicated fast-charging network to all electric vehicle drivers.

The U.S. electric vehicle specialist today announced five of its roughly 50 Supercharger locations in Australia (previously dedicated to Tesla drivers), but will now open to all manufacturers of electric vehicles. Support the model.

All five locations are located in New South Wales and can deliver up to 120kW instead of 250kW for Tesla’s latest ‘V3’ supercharger. drive We understand the company plans to expand the number of Australian superchargers available for all electric vehicles at a later date.

Supercharging costs around 58-70 cents for Tesla vehicles, depending on location, compared to 79 cents per kilowatt-hour for non-Tesla drivers.

However, non-Tesla drivers can join a $9.99 monthly subscription that cuts charging costs to 66 cents per kilowatt hour.

For a vehicle with a 60kWh battery, this works out to about $35-$42 for a full Tesla charge, $47.40 for a non-Tesla electric vehicle without subscription, and $39.60 for a subscription.

To use these locations, your vehicle must have a CCS fast charging socket. It’s fitted to most electric vehicles on the market, and his Nissan Leaf hatchback is one of the few newer models that doesn’t have his CCS fast-charging socket.

Over the past 18 months, Tesla has opened up its European Supercharger network to all electric vehicles as part of a pilot program that spans most of Europe, the UK and now Australia.

drive reported in mid-2021 that Tesla had no plans to open up its Australian Supercharger network to all electric vehicles, just Europe, but a year later, company executives said it would roll out the pilot program globally. showed interest in

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