Seraiki Mela, cycle race held ahead of jeep rally – Newspaper

Bahawalpur: With the Cholistan Jeep Rally approaching, the administration hosted the Selaiki Festival and Cycle Race to mobilize the public for the annual national sporting event.

Both the Serai Chimera and Cycle Race events ended on Tuesday.

A cycle rally was organized from Kandewarapur in Yazman to Derawar Fort. About 30 participants, including women, ran the 30km route and arrived at the fort where the prizes were presented.

The Seraiki mela was held at Jhoke Seraiki. It was mostly attended by Selaiki writers, literary figures and scholars such as Zahor Darreja and Jamil Parwana. Commissioner Raja Jahangir Anwar distributed certificates and awards to the participants.

PML-N: The PML-N workers’ convention will be held in the ballroom here on Wednesday (today).

Begum Parveen Masood Bhatti, who convened a meeting of PML-N women’s group activists on Tuesday, told Dawn that a large number of workers from three districts in the Bahawalpur sector were at the meeting to be taken up by the PML-N, according to a former MNA. said to participate. Her Senior Vice President and Chief Organizer Maryam Nawaz.

She said on February 2, chaired by Mariam Nawaz, the party’s organizational issues would be discussed at former Senator Saood Majid Chaudhry’s residence.

Mepco: Mepco claimed to have completed 28 energy loss tension (ELR) projects worth about 40 meters in South Punjab.

According to Mepco’s project director, Sohail Bashir, these projects aim to provide maximum voltage for the two projects in Rahim Yar Khan, four in Sahiwal and 16 in Multan.

Meanwhile, Mepco’s management released Rs 2.3 crore to distribute to its 29 employees as a marriage grant.

According to a press release, each employee will be paid Rs 80,000 for the marriage of their son/daughter.

Published in Dawn on February 1, 2023

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