Seven new car carriers to be built for Anji shipping | News

SAIC Anji, SAIC’s logistics and transportation subsidiary in China, has ordered seven new car carriers, all of which will be built in China. Four of them will be built at Jinling Shipyard in Nanjing Province, and three will be built in Jiangnan, Shanghai.

Each vessel has a unit capacity equivalent to 8,900 cars, for a total order quantity of 62,300. Shipment News reports that the car carriers are the most expensive ever ordered, potentially at more than $100 apiece.

Multi-fuel carriers are believed to be built to use conventional fuels, but are ready for use with pure methanol fuel, a potential way to reduce emissions at sea. Her two ships from Jinling are due to be delivered by November 2025, and at the end of March 2026 she is due to deliver a second batch of two ships.

China’s auto exports to Europe have soared, leading to a significant shortage of ro-ro capacity from China, with some automakers looking to buy their own carriers.

The seven new carrier orders follow Anji’s contract last June for three 7,800 unit carriers worth $270 million from Gangnam Shipyards. Anji also ordered two of her 7,600 units her carrier to be delivered in 2024 to Hong Kong Shipping (CSSC) Shipyards in March 2022.

China will export 3.11 million vehicles in 2022, growing by 54.4% from 2021. Anji has the largest company-owned car carrier in China, and in 2022, she will jointly establish Cosco Shipping Car Carrier with Cosco Shipping Specialized Carrier and SIPG Logistics to further expand logistics. Recruitment.

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