Shore Conference Boys Basketball Thursday Scoreboard, Jan. 19

Class A South

No. 5 Jackson Memorial 41, Toms River North 47

Junior Micah Ford scored 10 of a game-high 18 points in the fourth quarter as the Mariners came back to life in the final eight minutes to clinch the win over the Jaguars.

Senior Delanihyde added 12 points and 5 rebounds for Toms River North to outscore Jackson Memorial 18–6 in the final quarter to clinch the win and top the division within a game for Southern.

Junior Owen Baker added six points and six assists, while classmates Jeremiah Pruitt and Tarek Council led the defense with a combination of 18 rebounds, eight steals and four blocked shots.

Seniors Samir Padilla and Keith Adam each scored 10 points to lead the Jackson Memorial, while fellow senior Respect Tyreek added eight points to lose.

No. 8 Brick Memorial 56, Toms River East 46

Sr. Josh Michigan captured half of Brick Memorial’s scoring power and scored a game-high 23 points to lead the Mustangs to victory over the Raiders.

Senior Dorian Alston checked into Brick Memorial with 9 points.

Junior Steve Scorsone scored 15 points and fellow classmate Jason McKelvie added 14 points to lead Toms River East.

Toms River South 53, No. 4 Southern 41

Junior Kai Barkley finished his career with 22 points, and the Indians shocked the Rams, handing the Southerns their first divisional loss of the season and their first A South win of the 2022-23 season.

Senior Pat Gaffney led the Southerns with 13 points, while Toms River South held on to 19 points through three quarters to build a commanding 35-19 lead to advance to the quarter.

Class B North

Middletown South 68, No. 10 Lamson Fair Haven 66

Junior Ryan Dennery scored as time passed after a long inbounds pass from the backboard and the Eagles won a thriller over the Bulldogs for their ninth straight win.

With the score tied at 66-66, with 1.2 seconds remaining, senior Pat Brown hit the backboard with a one-handed pass toward the rim when he inbounded the ball from near midcourt. Dennery took position and quickly put his shot up and in as the clock ticked.

Brown finished with 17 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists, while classmate Dylan Czyk led the way for Middletown South with 19 points, 6 rebounds, 8 rebounds and 3 steals. Senior Alex Lescavige had 11 points, junior Will Nugent had 7 points and 7 rebounds, and Dennelly had 6 points.

Sophomore Luke Shore led the Lamsons with a game-high 24 points, senior teammate Mason Jablonski poured in with 16, and junior Nick Rigby lost with 12.

Red Bank Catholic 70, Middletown North 49

Junior Tyler Burnham scored a game-high 12-of-22 points in the third quarter, and sophomore Ryan Prior scored 13-of-20 in the first half as the Caseys handled the Lions.

Junior Colin Kavanaugh added 15 points to Red Bank Catholic.

Junior Jason Quart led Middletown North with 12 points.

Class B Central

Keyport 76, Keinsburg 54

Junior Max Judson led the five Keyport players in double figures with 16 points as the Red Raiders beat the rival Titans.

Jr. Mike Ford added 13 points, Sr. Terek Mimes added 13 points, and Sr. Mason Hospital and Jr. Mike Nichols each brought 11 points to Keyport.

Senior Jaheim Hill led Keensburg with 14 points while sophomore Matt Rock added 10 to lose.

Asbury Park 50, Henry Hudson 49

Javon King scored at the buzzer from a pass from Shavon Goodman, and the Blue Bishops denied the Admirals their first Class B Central victory of the season in thrilling and heartbreaking fashion.

Senior Davon Foster led Asbury Park with 15 points, while King and senior Jathan Brown pitched with 11 each. Goodman also contributed 8 points to his win.

Sophomore Jack Fitzpatrick scored 18 points and senior student Jax Ross added 14 points to take the lead over Henry Hudson.

Class B South

Barnegut 47, Brick 33

Jr. Jamali Smith scored a game-high 17 points to give the Bengals a win over the Green Dragons.

Sophomore Mason Clay and junior Sean Javines each added nine points for Barnegut.

Junior Nick Verdesco led Brick with 12 points.

Central 61, Manchester 35

Jr. Myles Chevalier had 27 points, 10 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 steals in the Golden Eagles’ win over the Hawks.

Sophomore Jacen Santucci also had 19 points, 11 rebounds, four steals and four blocks for Central.

Senior Evan Weiner led Manchester with 14 points, 9 rebounds, 2 steals and 2 blocks.

Lacey 56, Pinelands 36

Senior Ryan Fitzgerald scored well with 14 points and the Lions handled the Wildcats away.

Senior Chris Venturoso also poured in 13 points and grabbed nine rebounds, while senior Dylan Hall pitched for Lacey with 12 points and four steals.

Class C North

Lanny66, no. 6 point boro 61

Senior Jalil Betea scored a game-high 23 points, while classmate Isaac Hester added 19 points and five assists to lead the Panthers to a revenge win over Pointsboro.

Bethea and Hester combined to score all of Lanny’s points in the fourth quarter. Meanwhile, points her Boro outscored Lanny by her 16-14 and came a little closer. Her sophomore MeSean Williams also scored his 10 points in the win.

Senior Shane Ryan scored 18 points to lead the points borough and outscored Lunny 19-10 in the third quarter to cut a 16-point halftime deficit to seven.

Senior Noah Knauf added 12 points while junior Jake Venturoso lost by 11 points.

No. 2 Manasquan 41, No. 1 St. Rose 37

Sophomore Darius Adams scored a game-high 14 points, while senior Jack Dettlinger and sophomore Griffin Lynstra led a solid defensive effort that saw the Warriors past the Purple Roses.

Adams scored half of the points in the first quarter and finished the second quarter with a basket to give Manasquan a 23–18 lead at halftime. The Warriors extended his lead to 31-23 before he regained a 37-36 lead as the St. Rose pieced together his 14-5 run.

Junior Ryan Frauenheim scored the final field goal of the game (a 3-pointer with 3:08 left) to give Manasquan a clean lead. Frauenheim finished with 11 points.

Dettlinger pulled ahead on Thursday after missing the first match between the two teams (a 56-48 St. Rose win at Belmar). The 6-foot-4 senior finished with 10 points and 8 rebounds, holding Purple Rose freshman Jaden Hodge to 8 points.

Meanwhile, Linstra held junior Matthew Hodge to just 3 points after older Hodge gave Manasquan 20 points in their first meeting on December 22nd. Leading the St. Rose with 12 points, sophomore Brian Ebeling scored all eight points in the first half.

Class C South

Donovan Catholic 53, Shore 49

Sr. Pete Farekas scored a team-high 21 points, and the Griffins scheming the Class C South Division race by handing the Blue Devils their first loss of the season.

Junior Alex George led the Shore with a game-high 22 points. Currently, Shore trails his No. 1 Monmouth his regional by half a game.

Ocean 44, Jackson Liberty 34

Sophomores Seire Dean and Ron Richardson came close to recording double-doubles each and paired with senior Brandon Loughlin to produce most of the Ocean offense as the Spartans edged the Lions.

Dean had a game-high 16 points and eight rebounds, while Richardson had 11 points and nine boards. Rocklin put in 13 points, giving the trio 40 of Ocean’s 44.

Sophomore Jason King led the Jackson Liberty with nine points and junior Dylan Teopaco with eight.

Monmouth 52, Lakewood 32

Senior Tahaj Wiggins scored 18 points after the first quarter as the Falcons pulled off the Piners.

Senior TJ Thomasson added 15 points and sophomore James Curley knocked down four 3-pointers to open up Monmouth’s 14-point night.

Senior Derrick Marsh led Lakewood with 16 points while classmate Javon Gonzalez added 12 to lose.


Neptune 40, Howell 36

Senior Daniel Charles led a balanced offense with 13 points as the Scarlet Flyers scored the victory over the Rebels.

Junior Chris Meehan matched Charles with a game-high 13 points to give Howell the lead.

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