Six of the best used cars we found this week

Once you’ve saved £5,000, you’re in the right place for a solid, dependable car with lots of ‘fun’ concepts. If the idea of ​​your interest is “rare”, “unique”, or “manual diesel engine”, 5 grand is usually enough to find something fairly close to what you’re looking for.

This week we are thinking about the concept of absolute beauty. Yes, there is an old saying “taste is subjective” that was first written in Latin (de gustibus non est disputandum, in case you were wondering). of taste or opinion.

As designer Frank Stevenson (of modern Mini, Maserati and McLaren fame) once said, “The difference between good design and bad design is not subjective. It is guided by science and the basic laws of proportion and balance. will be killed.”

This leads us to the original Audi TT. This is, as objectively as possible, an example of good design. Perhaps more subjectively speaking, this is a great example. Driving in his thirsty 3.2-liter V6 is the icing on the cake. Want to drive particularly well? Well, leave it to MX-5 or Boxster.

Hey, curators don’t put useful things vertically, right?

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