Sole Jeep service centre in city shuts down: How to maintain my Compass

I need to travel to another city just to get my SUV serviced, but work prevents me from traveling.

BHPian vattyboy I recently shared this with another enthusiast.

Hi BHPians, I need your valuable suggestions.

I have a Jeep Compass Diesel and have done about 13,800 km since last service. That means about 1,200 km remain before the next service.

However, JEEP authorized service stations are now completely closed in my city of Udaipur, so I have to move to another city such as Ahmedabad. However, I cannot travel outside the city for a few months due to very important work reasons. So add another 3000-3500 km to these months. So the total mileage reaches 17,000km.

  1. Now I’m thinking of doing an oil change at FNG near 0w20, which Jeep recommends but another brand. But since I don’t have ASS, I can’t source or replace the oil filter.
  2. Is it okay to change the oil without an oil filter? In my case, I think it’s better to change the oil for the time being (it’s better to have it than not).
  3. Change the oil now. Skip replacement when sending for repair. In that case, replace the pending oil filter. Is this alright?
  4. Coolant level is minimal. Please let me know the procedure for boarding. And what coolant should I buy?

Thanks in advance.

update: My car is already out of warranty.

What is this GTO I had to say the following about this issue:

Due to the closure of the only workshop in your city, warranty coverage is lost unless Jeep provides special accommodations. Write to Jeep about your options. Post on all social media links. I have also sent a link to this thread to everyone I know at @Jeep India. Hopefully they will send their mobile service team to Udaipur for such basic maintenance.

If Jeep does not provide support:

  • Send to Ahmedabad for service. Either you, your family, your driver, or your flatbed/truck can get you there.
  • Please refrain from driving until you can take it to Ahmedabad.

You should do everything you can to maintain your car’s warranty. Compasses can be problematic in the long run and are not cheap to fix.

update: Oh, good news! Order the oil filter + parts online from Boodmo & gang or have them shipped to you by a vendor like Shetty Motors. Keep a little extra stock of consumables.

Go to a competent independent mechanic to get the job done.

What is this BHPian Shreyans_Jain I had to say the following about this issue:

If your car is out of warranty, you don’t have to worry. Use oil according to the specifications given in your owner’s manual. Consumables can be purchased from Boodmo. A good FNG should be able to run basic services. Compass requires an oil change every 15,000 km.

What is this BHPian ramnaresh_2000 I had to say the following about this issue:

As a fellow Jeep Compass owner, I understand your struggles. There was only one service center for Jeep in the whole Telangana state and it was always busy. Their service was pathetic and they pulled it off for their monopoly.

A new service center opened last year and has been a lifesaver. Compass is not covered by warranty, so GoMechanic is recommended (if available in your city). They offer a transparent pricing structure and warranty for their services. If not available in your city, we recommend using a reputable garage with genuine Jeep parts.

I wish you good luck.

See BHPian’s comment for more insight and information.

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