Speed Up or Slow Down? NYS Senate Sees New Speed Limit Proposal

Speed ​​limits have always been a big issue, and it makes sense when you consider that 115 million Americans commute to work by car or truck every day (Adie Tomer, The Avenue). While driving on the highway at over 90 miles an hour, every time a pickup rammed a truck, he would be able to pay for a new car if he had a dime. With that said, it’s no secret that many people wish the speed limits were higher on certain roads such as highways and freeways. Maybe, but there are pitfalls.

Nabeel Syed by Unsplash

Nabeel Syed by Unsplash

According to news10.com’s Hayley Higgins, New York State Senator Thomas O’Mara recently proposed a bill to increase the speed limit on certain highways from 65 mph to 70 mph. This proposal, Bill S2209, applies only to highways that meet a specific set of criteria established by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Once the bill is passed, the new maximum speed limit will go into effect immediately, and the DOT will start changing road signs (remember, you’ll take a different route to work that day!). A 5 mph difference on your bill isn’t a drastic change, but you do have another bill related to driving and likely hitting the brakes.

Jonathan Cooper via Unsplash

Jonathan Cooper via Unsplash

If you miss Karolyi’s update, Bill S9528 will mandate that all cars built in New York after 2024 have advanced technology. If the bill is approved, the technology will monitor a car’s location, adjust speed according to the speed limit for that road, and physically stop speeding (Hailie Higgins, news10.com).

Both bills require many steps before receiving final approval. For now, the speed limit is still capped at 65 mph and you don’t have to worry about enforcing your vehicle to obey traffic laws.

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