Stellantis could build EVs in India for Europe, Tavares says

During his first trip to India after becoming CEO of Stellantis, he said the company was still working out plans to export EVs from India and had not yet made any decisions.

In May of this year, Tavares told an Indian journalist that Stellantis will launch a small electric vehicle based on the group’s Smart Car platform in 2023. market.

He said the key at the time was to find local sourcing in India for batteries, the single largest cost for electric vehicles.

The smart car architecture shares some components with Stellantis’ CMP platform for small and compact cars, including fully electric versions of models such as the Peugeot 208.

Following the launch of the new C3 this year, two more Citroën models are expected to join the smart car platform by 2024. In addition to Citroen, Stellantis sells the Jeep brand in India, with models including the seven-seat SUV Meridian. Based on compass.

Stellantis is expanding its presence in India, the world’s fifth largest automotive market. It has two assembly plants (one for Citroen and one for Jeep), an engine plant in a joint venture with an Indian partner, and an information technology center.

It has also just opened a software hub in Bengalal that will serve as the primary development center for STLA SmartCockpit, one of three technology platforms Stellantis will begin rolling out in 2024, with a focus on digital integration of vehicles and drivers. I’m here.

Reuters contributed to this report

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