Stellantis creates new data services business

PARIS — Stellantis is creating a new business unit to help grow its data services business as part of its plan to generate at least €20 billion ($21.1 billion) from software-related activities by 2030.

A new division called Mobilisights will license data to a wide range of customers, including rival automakers, using Stellantis’ connected cars, which are expected to total 34 million by 2030, up from about 12 million today To do.

Mobilisights CEO Sanjiv Ghate told reporters at the CES show in Las Vegas on Thursday that the business will help reduce accidents, for example, by relaying information about road hazards, and by selling insurance products individually. He said it can also be adjusted to fit any driver. Such data may be licensed to other vehicle manufacturers.

Forming a separate unit should make it easier to establish partnerships, added San Francisco-area-based Gate, who joined Stellantis last year from digital mapping firm Here. He said third-party developers will be essential in delivering data-driven apps and services.

Mobilisights will be a key contributor to the €20 billion increase in annual revenue Stellantis expects from software-related services by 2030, the company said in an announcement at the CES convention in Las Vegas.

Ghate cannot give an exact estimate of the revenue Mobilisights is expected to contribute, but said Stellantis has a number of software units that each generate “over $1 billion” in revenue.

This is the second of seven new value-added business units planned by Stellatis, whose brands include Fiat, Peugeot and Jeep. The first is a circular economy business aimed at making greater use of recycled materials in production.

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