Strange Warzone 2 vehicle trick makes driving much easier

Published: 2023-02-01T00:56:19

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This amazing Warzone 2 vehicular trick makes driving easier than usual and can be a lifesaver in desperate situations.

Vehicles in Warzone 2 are notoriously difficult to drive.after turning on the fan started endless complaints than their taste for the vehicle style of its predecessor.

No word from Infinity Ward or Raven Software on whether they’re considering changing the game’s driving mechanics, but this hint makes sharp turns and short-drifts around objects much easier. Become.

Warzone 2 vehicle tricks make driving easier

This trick was shown by TikToker GamingUtopia on January 28th.

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All it takes is for someone to shoot the back tire of the car (in this case, a hatchback) and drive normally.

It may seem counterintuitive at first, but there is a difference in handling and the effect when making incredibly sharp turns is undeniable. It is reported that

In the video, Utopia says it’s similar to driving in the original Warzone, and while it’s not a one-on-one experience, it certainly feels closer to those cars.

We’ve seen this work on hatchbacks and not so much on Chop Tops, but with heavier vehicles the results were unsatisfactory.

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However, this information is often useful as stronger and more protected cars are often hotly contested.

The other two may not absorb bullets, but being more agile can be a worthwhile trade-off for those attempting a sneaky escape.

However, it is important to blow only one tire. Blowing them both up would render the car virtually useless, and anyone inside it would go off the wall, guardrail, or hillside.

Combine this with IceManIsaac’s tips on how to use vehicles in combat and it could be an absolute game-changer for the average player.

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