Strategy behind Alfa Romeo Tonale is quality over volume

“We have our own internal processes,” Noirbent said earlier this month. “We work closely with our network, the factory, so we know where we are going and where we are going. [key performance indicators] Increased has. Now you get such rewards.

“I mean, it was like the biggest reward we could get as a team. Now, when you’re number one, there’s only one way. [to go], so there is no end. We have to repeat the same thing next year. The process should be perfect. ”

Alfa welcomes new products while refining the customer experience.

We are preparing to launch our first electrified model, the Tonale plug-in hybrid, in the United States in the second quarter of 2023.

The brand had planned to sell the hybrid Tonale alongside the conventional petrol version, but instead decided to sell it only as a US plug-in.

“The market has also changed quite dramatically over the last few months,” Noirbent said.

Alfa does not plan to highlight Tonale’s electrification technology in its marketing. Noirbent said plug-in functionality would be an added benefit and the vehicle would be marketed as a “true Alfa Romeo.”

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