Suzuki plans to launch 6 electric cars in India by 2030

Suzuki Co., Ltd. (Japan) announced on Thursday that it will launch a 6 -model battery -style electric vehicle (EV) in India by 2030, in addition to providing all the products and services of alternative fuel.

“In India, we will introduce a battery EV of a sports utility vehicle (SUV) announced at Auto EXPO 2023 in 2024, and will launch 6 models by 2030. Suzuki to provide a wide range of products and services. We offer not only battery EVs, but also carbon neutral internal engine cars that use CNG, biogas, and ethanol mixed fuel.

The range of vehicles includes small hatchback, premium hatchback, SUV, and multipurpose car/van.

Based on the target date set by the government, Suzuki is aiming to achieve carbon nuits in India by 2050 in Japan and Europe by 2070. Suzuki also stated that he would invest 4.5 trillion yen in 2030 in 2030, of which he would invest 2 trillion yen in electrification.

“For FY2011, Suzuki will contribute to the realization of the carbon native society and the economic growth of emerging countries such as India, ASEAN, and Africa, with the core of our main business areas, Japan, India and Europe. I mentioned in the statement.

Multi Suzuki India (MSIL), a Suzuki Indian category, cooperated in R & D (R & D) in BSE Filing for efficient development by Suzuki Headquarters, Yokohama Research Institute, Suzuki R & D Center India, and MSIL. Developed in each field of future technology, advanced technology, and mass production technology.

“We will focus on creating a solution unique to Suzuki that develops business and regions that develop business -oriented products and develop businesses, and to expand our options for customers. We will deliver the products and services that match.

Speaking of Indian biogas, Suzuki said that the biogas derived from beef feces would be produced and supplied.

“This biogas can be used for Suzuki’s CNG model, which accounts for about 70% of the Indian CNG car market,” says Suzuki, who concludes MOU with the Indian government agency, NATIONAL DAIRY Development Board and Asia’s largest Banas Dairy. And added. Dairy manufacturer, biogas verification.

According to the motorcycle segment, Suzuki plans to launch eight models worldwide by 2030 and to make the battery EV ratio 25%. Some of them may come to India.

“We are considering adopting carbon neutral fuel for large motorcycles for leisure.”

The Indian EV market is expected to grow diverse by 2030, and 50% of the sold cars are EVs, with 10 types of EV models such as Tata Motors and Mahindra & Mahindra by 2026. It has announced that five types of EVs will be released by 2027.

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