Swiss Microlino reboots bubble car with electric model

“The idea was to create an alternative to conventional cars. Microlino Much better than a bicycle. It is weather protected, has room for cargo, and seats two people side by side. ” Obotter told Reuters.

“Because it is smaller than a conventional car, it requires less material to manufacture. And because it has a smaller battery, it consumes less power,” added his brother Merlin. “So the ecological footprint is about one-third that of a conventional electric vehicle.”

We have received more than 35,000 reservations Microlinobuilt in Italy, costs over 15,000 Swiss francs ($16,195).

of outtersThe parents of a company that has sold 90 million kick scooters have invested more than CHF10 million in the project, but the brothers did not disclose the amount.

Known for its chocolate, watches and banking, Switzerland had an automotive industry in the early 20th century, Ajax, Fischer, Turkish.

Switzerland has several niche manufacturers, but high production costs and a small domestic market have changed the fortunes of many.

“Ideas can be developed in Switzerland. Marketing takes place in Switzerland, but mass production takes place elsewhere. Microlino It’s the latest example of that,” Daniel said. Geissmann At the Swiss Transport Museum in Lucerne.

“There is a market for such cars,” he said. “Impressive and fun.”

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