Swope Family of Dealerships managers embrace collaboration

The program made her reflect on her previous work. She was one of several financial managers at her one store, which created ample opportunities for ideas to fly.

“I kept jumping off the page how much opportunity there is here in finance. All we needed was to get together and talk and work as a team,” she said.

In addition to listing key F&I financial metrics for each store, meetings include discussions on best practices, obstacles overcome, new compliance issues, and sales training. For example, a manager recently did a role-play that focused on presenting a menu of products to customers, he said, Swope.

“It’s worth watching someone else’s sales approach, see for example how they overcame price objections,” she said.

Patrick Jennings, sales and finance manager for Swope Mitsubishi in Radcliffe, Kentucky, said the conference was very informative, especially since he’s relatively new to F&I.

“It not only gives you camaraderie, but it also helps you glean best practices and knowledge based on other people’s experiences,” he said. “It’s very helpful.

“As a United States Marine Corps veteran, I am a firm believer in competition breeding success.”

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