Tennessee dealership finance manager charged with theft

A financial manager at Chuck Hutton Chevrolet in Memphis, Tennessee, has been charged with theft after being accused by a dealer of pocketing cash payments from customers, according to local news station CBS 42.

The store’s general manager told police that questions arose when the customer couldn’t explain why he paid a $12,500 down payment, the department said.

Days after the money was discovered, financial manager Richard Parrish allegedly presented his employer with a bank check for $12,000, according to the station’s report. However, the original payment was due in cash, so the dealer continued to investigate.

The store contacted two more Parrish customers and paid them $9,000 and $1,000 cash down. Both customers confirmed they were provided with handwritten receipts, but the station declined to provide further details.

Parrish was charged with stealing over $10,000. The station reported that he was released from prison without bail.
Chuck Hutton Chevrolet did not respond to a request for comment. car newsparish could not be reached.

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