Tesla captures U.S. luxury crown

Mercedes-Benz has held a late rally to overtake Lexus for a podium finish in 2023.

German automakers sold 286,764 luxury cars in 2022, up 3.9%. He is one of his four major luxury brands to see sales growth last year, alongside Tesla, Cadillac and Genesis.

Mercedes’ Q4 shipments surged 21% following the launch of three EQ all-electric models at the end of 2022.

The brand also focuses on promoting high-end models such as the S-Class and AMG, which account for 29% of sales.

“This has been very positive for profitability levels for us and our dealers,” said Dimitris Sirakis, CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA. car news.

Last year, tight new car supply weighed on Lexus. The Japanese brand sold 258,704 vehicles last year. This is him down 15% from 2021, good enough for fourth place.

Midway through the year, vehicle supply in Lexus dealer lots was measured in hours rather than days, according to monthly inventory reports.

Defan Roth, Lexus brand head, said that depending on the model, new Lexus cars “maybe wait about three months on average,” and for the LX, the waiting time ranges from two months. 18 months or more,” he said.

Swedish automaker Volvo’s U.S. sales fell 16% last year to 102,038 units. Volvo cited supply chain challenges and a slowdown in production caused by parts shortages and COVID-related lockdowns in China.

Volvo’s EV sales surged last year as the automaker aims to go all-electric by 2023. 22.3% respectively and he rose 14.3%.

Larry P. Vellequette contributed to this report.

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