Tesla CEO Elon Musk to step down as Twitter CEO

A poll showed that 57.5% of approximately 17.5 million people voted “yes”. Musk said on Sunday he would follow the results. The timing of his retirement has not been announced, and no successor has been decided.

The poll results cap off a tumultuous week that included changes to Twitter’s privacy policy and the suspension (and reopening) of journalist accounts.

Musk predicts Twitter’s cash flow will collapse in 2023, a Bloomberg reporter tweeted on Wednesday, citing comments from the Twitter Space session.

Bloomberg tweeted that Musk attributed the forecast to cost-cutting measures he recently implemented on social media platforms.

Calls for Musk’s resignation have been mounting on Wall Street for weeks, and even Tesla’s bulls have recently warned of his focus on social media platforms and his move away from running an electric-vehicle maker. I am questioning how it can be distracted.

Musk himself has said he has too many things on his hands and is looking for a Twitter CEO. But he said on Sunday that there will be no successor and that “nobody wants a job that can actually keep Twitter alive.”

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