Tesla criticized in Germany over working hours and contracts

BERLIN — Tesla has come under fire from German trade union IG Metall and politicians after allegations workers were working unfair hours at a carmaker’s factory near Berlin.

At its annual press conference, IG Metall said more and more people reported longer working hours with little free time. IG Metall has an office near the factory and is in regular contact with its employees, he said.

Workers are also increasingly uncomfortable discussing working conditions openly because of the confidentiality agreements they were told to sign along with their employment contracts, IG Metall said.

Advertised on Tesla’s careers website, the new role of the “Security Intelligence Investigator” will work with the legal and human resources departments to perform “field intelligence gathering inside and outside Tesla’s walls” to help the company: threat protection. Threats” exacerbated these concerns.

Irene Schulz of IG Metal Berlin-Brandenburg-Sachsen said:

“Tesla has not done enough to improve working conditions, leaving little time for leisure, family and recovery.”

Tesla could not be reached for comment.

Tesla China has also asked some staff to sign non-disclosure agreements, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

Reuters has discovered several individuals on LinkedIn with the title “security intelligence investigators” working for Tesla in Austin, San Francisco and Shanghai.

german business newspaper Handelsblatt reported on Monday that local politicians, from the center-left SPD to the center-right CDU, have expressed concern over the allegations and called for an investigation by both Tesla and the local government.

“The Brandenburg state government must strengthen occupational safety by keeping Tesla under tight control,” Christian Democrat (CDU) president Christian Baumler said. Handelsblatt.

The Brandenburg government was not immediately reached for comment.

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