Tesla EVs on U.S. roads climb by 33% through September

In the first nine months of 2022, the number of Tesla vehicles in service in the US has increased by 33%. Fast-growing electric vehicle specialist Tesla has dominated luxury car sales this year but is yet to rank among the top 10 luxury car makers in the US. According to his Experian data hosted at the Automotive News Research & Data Center:

Tesla ranks 10th among luxury brands with 1.4 million units in operation. On this list, Lexus is his 5.2 million, BMW 5.1 million and Mercedes-Benz 4.9 million. Jaguar and Land Rover both rank outside the top 10 brands, but combined under Tata Motors, he ranks 10th among luxury car makers.

As a brand, Tesla will dominate the U.S. luxury registry in 2022, surpassing BMW, which was number one in 2021.

Tesla’s Model Y became the most popular new luxury model in the U.S. in registrations through October, up almost 32% to 178,506 units, but a recent S&P Global Mobility survey found EV makers cedes market share to other automakers such as Ford. Hyundai can offer a similar EV at a lower price.

General Motors, which was the No. 1 seller in the U.S. for 90 years before losing the crown in 2021, is the clear leader among mini car makers with 60.3 million units in operation. Ford and Toyota round out the top three with 46.2 million and his 41.8 million respectively. These numbers are largely unchanged from the previous year. Since 2021, GM vehicles in service have fallen 1.5% year-on-year, with Ford less than 1% and Toyota up just under 2%.

Tesla increased 32.9% from 910,045 in service as of Q3 2021 to 1,356,203 in service in Q3 2022.

Three brands topped all vehicles in operation in the US as of the third quarter, according to Data Center.

Ford is the most popular brand with 43 million Ford vehicles on US roads. Chevrolet and Toyota follow closely with 39.4 million and his 35.8 million respectively. The fourth spot is his down over 10 million to his 23.9 million Hondas in operation.

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