Tesla in top spot in Norway’s race to EV goal

OSLO — Four out of five new cars sold in Norway in 2022 were battery-powered, led by Tesla. 2025.

For the second year in a row, Tesla sold more cars in Norway than any other brand, with a 12.2% share of the overall market, ahead of Volkswagen’s 11.6%, according to registration data.

China is by far the largest car market overall, but Norway, with a population of 5.5 million, has the highest share of electric vehicles in the world thanks to generous subsidies, and automakers are making models. It has become a testing ground for its release.

According to the Norwegian Road Federation (OFV), the share of battery electric vehicles sold will rise from 65% in 2021 to 79.3% in 2022, up from 2.9% a decade ago.

The Tesla Model Y was the most popular model, followed by the VW ID4 all-electric crossover in second place and the all-electric SUV Skoda Enyaq in third place.

End of incentive?

Oil-producing Norway, which is trying to end the sale of petrol and diesel cars, has so far exempted battery electric vehicles from the tax levied on vehicles with internal combustion engines.

But while tax exemptions help reduce emissions, the Treasury said 39.4 billion crowns ($4 billion) in lost revenue in 2022, and a center-left coalition government could cut profits from luxury cars. trying to suppress

People who bought an electric Porsche Turbo S last year paid at least NOK 1.7 million, which would have cost more than $2.1 million if it had been taxed like gasoline. .

According to the Norwegian Automobile Federation (NAF), an interest group representing car owners, a new vehicle tax based on weight could have a negative impact on sales of fully electric vehicles.

NAF spokesman Thor Egil Bradland said: “We are concerned that sales will decline as the government proposes a new tax based on weight.

headache while charging

The government has also not adequately addressed one of the main practical issues for electric vehicle owners, including charging stations and how to pay for their use, he said.

“It takes 10-15 apps to become a well-prepared EV owner in Norway. .
NAF promotes an “e-roaming” solution that allows users to pay at any charging station without the need for multiple apps.

The government defended its policy on electric vehicles.

“Electric cars have become the new normal for Norwegians. This means that we need to consider how we are using society’s funds,” said Johan Vasala of the Ministry of Labor. the Secretary of Transportation said.

“I am very confident that electric vehicles will take hold,” said Vasara, adding that the government should focus its measures on other transport sectors, including heavy goods vehicles.

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