Tesla invests $3.6B billion in Nevada battery, truck operations

Tesla Inc.The company plans to invest $3.6 billion in two new plants to build electric vehicle batteries and all-electric semi-heavy duty trucks near its existing manufacturing facility in Reno, Nevada. said.

With the new battery operation, Tesla’s latest so-called 4680 cells will have the capacity to power as many as two million vehicles per year. said in a statement on its website on Tuesday.It also plans to build a “mass production” facility for the Semi, which debuted late last year, but the company has not provided an estimated production number.

Tesla’s sprawling factories in the region already manufacture electric motors, battery packs, and energy storage products such as home batteries known as “powerwalls.” In June 2014, the so-called Gigafactory was built.

Elon Muskcompany delivered its first semi-truck to PepsiCo last month. Tesla says he aims to produce 50,000 Semis for North America in 2024.

“This will create more than 3,000 high-paying jobs. Nevada White House senior adviser Mitch Landrieu said in a statement that helping the United States lead in clean energy production, enhancing energy security and ultimately reducing costs for families.

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