Tesla Model 3 “Project Highland” Progress Continues In Fremont

The Tesla Model 3 is definitely on the verge of an upgrade, and it looks like Tesla has been working on it for some time. The U.S. EV maker doesn’t typically share information about upcoming model updates or ongoing projects, but it says it’s in the process of preparing an updated Model 3, codenamed “Project Highland.” It is

The Model 3 was briefly the best-selling EV in the United States and one of the best-selling electric vehicles in the world. When the more family-friendly Model Y came out, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said it would eventually become the brand’s best-selling car and top-selling worldwide. He was right, and it’s definitely time to rekindle interest in the Model 3.

Tesla hasn’t made any official announcements, but various Model 3 vehicles have been spotted in testing, and they appear to be related to a “redesign” of some sort. Tesla appears to be looking to simplify its electric sedans, cut costs, simplify interiors, and upgrade cabin technology. With Tesla’s many recent changes, it’s hard to pinpoint current pricing, but some have suggested that the refreshed Model 3 could come down in price as well.

Tesla and Musk revealed that they have new products in their pipeline during their recent fourth-quarter 2022 earnings call, but remained silent on details. With Semis arriving, Cybertrucks coming soon, and Roadsters looking to arrive sooner or later, there aren’t many other possibilities at the moment. You may be referring to compact cars or hatchbacks.

According to a recently published article Tesla Lati, Tesla continues to work on installing a new assembly line for its upcoming Model 3 as part of Project Hyland. According to filings, the automaker has already been working on the project for nearly two years, moving beyond the dismantling stage associated with the current Model 3 production line.

The publication says Tesla began demolition of the existing Model 3 “Hang On Lines” late last year and has now completed the demolition. Official documents reveal that Tesla has set about installing an improved production line. Based on details in its filings, the company recently filed for amendments to some areas of the line.

Tesla has scheduled an Investor Day event for March 1, 2023, and Musk announced it some time ago. In a recent earnings call, the company said it plans to discuss its upcoming next-generation platform during the event. It’s not yet clear if the future platform will also apply to the Project Highland Model 3, so perhaps we’ll get some info related to the revamped electric sedan at the event.

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