Tesla’s Mexico factory plans are firming up, report says

In October, Musk was spotted with Nuevo Leon officials at an event in Monterrey.

At that time, millennium Released a photo of him standing on the patio with Nuevo Leon’s First Lady Mariana Rodriguez, Garcia and local economic development officials, to analyze the possibility of the tech billionaire “setting up a Tesla factory.” reported to have met with

Other Mexican media outlets suggested that talks with local officials could focus on creating a Tesla parts assembly corridor for export or expanding ties with local parts suppliers.

Tesla has a new assembly plant in Austin, Texas, which is easily sourced from northern Mexico.

Musk said earlier this year that the automaker could announce plans for a new factory by the end of 2022, but didn’t say where Tesla was aiming.

The Texas-Mexico border is home to hundreds of auto parts makers, including a major GM plant in Ramos Arizpe and a sprawling Kia plant just outside Monterrey. GM factories are being retooled to build the first electric vehicles.

Mexican financial newspaper economist reported in April that Garcia had visited Tesla’s Austin factory and had cemented an agreement with parts suppliers to use the Nuevo Leon border bridge for exports to Tesla’s factories in California and Texas.

Last year, Mexico exported over 2.7 million cars, most of them to the United States.

As the North American auto industry transitions from internal combustion engines to EVs, Mexico is poised to attract more investment in EV assembly and components. Ford currently builds the Mustang Mach-E at a plant near Mexico City.

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