The 10 Worst Cars Made By Fiat

Fiat is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers. Over the years, we’ve built some amazing cars that deserve our accolades. But it also produced some absolute odors! That this great old Italian company has brought us such horrendousness that its European peers surpassed them in every way is a shame. Well known. Why buy a Fiat just made when the British, French or Germans sell similar cars that are much better?

Even if these cars were ugly, unnecessary, or simply not good enough to compete with other European rivals, there are quite a few Fiats that deserve the reputation of being howlers. am. Sometimes they are decent cars ruined by bad engineering choices. Other times they are forgotten by an already oversaturated market. But often they are just plain bad.

Ten fiat 126

2000 fiat 126p

When Fiat considered the successor to the classic 500, the answer was the 126. This made the West struggle, but the East did well. Licensed production versions manufactured by Zastava (known as Zastava 126) and Polski Fiat (known as Fiat 126p) became part of their respective countries’ cultural landscapes.

The Fiat 126 was a huge success and may have followed the Polish-made version to a cult following. Beneath all of that, though, it’s not really a great car.

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9 fiat 1400

Fiat 1400B
Lucarelli, Wikimedia Commons

The 1400 is widely regarded as one of Fiat’s largest duds. Its styling was similar to that of American cars of the time. He also had a rather mediocre engine, including a 1.9-liter naturally aspirated diesel that produced only 40 horsepower. The 1400 made up for it in terms of comfort. It was known for its excellent sound insulation for cars of the time, and was relatively quiet inside.

The 1400 was the first car of many for Fiat (it was a post-war car, the first unibody car, and the first with the diesel engine option) and was very comfortable, but none of them could not save it. because of its bad reputation.

8 Fiat 850 Special Hydroconverted

fiat 850 special
Garage of the East, via Wikimedia Commons

The Fiat 850 Special, in its normal form, was actually a good car. More powerful than the 850 Coupe, he was a rear-engined, rear-wheel drive car with a 47-horsepower engine and front disc brakes. The real disappointment when it comes to this version is that weird ‘automatic’ gearbox. The Idroconvert system wasn’t really a true automatic as it required manual gear changes. The result was a weird, jerky gearbox that severely detracted from the driving experience.

There’s nothing wrong with providing a car like the Fiat 850 Special with an automatic gearbox. The problem was that it wasn’t even a proper automatic. The 850 Special Idroconvert is one of Fiat’s biggest blunders and a classic car to avoid at all costs.

7 Fiat 500X

Fiat 500X
Via Fiat

In many ways, the Fiat 500X was the car no one wanted. By sharing a platform with the Mini, Fiat has taken the charming and cute styling cues of his 500 City car and transformed them into his quirky, bulbous SUV. It’s boring to drive and the engine selection is mundane and feels nothing special.

There are many small crossovers in this world. The Fiat 500X already made him feel like one. It had the familiar 500 city car fascia, but that’s really all it has in common.

6 Fiat 500L

Fiat 500L
Via: Automoto

Just as nobody really wanted the 500X, Fiat gave us another weird 500-inspired creation in the 500L. The 500L is his one of the weirdest minivans ever made, once again using a platform common to the Mini. Oddly enough, in the sense that no one really wanted it. Much like the 500X, it seemed unknown in a market full of other similar cars.

In many ways, the Fiat 500L is the spiritual successor to the Multipla (more on that later…). It was an attempt to create a quirky family car that buyers didn’t like.At least it’s much better than the Multipla!

Five Fiat 127 Rustica

Fiat 127 Rustica
Via FCA Media

Most of the time there is nothing wrong with the base model car. The dire Fiat 127 Rustica is an exception, though. This car was a bargain to the extreme. The seat was like a hammock, only available in beige in color and with steel his wheels like most base models seen in production cars.

Part of the Fiat 127 Rustica’s cheapness can be explained by the fact that it’s designed for light off-road use. But the Fiat Panda 4×4 that effectively replaced it was a far superior car in every way. 127 Rustica has been forgotten from the annals of history, and for good reason.

Four fiat stilo

Stilo Abarth front

The Stilo is the forgettable Fiat. And for good reason! For a big hatchback to compete with the Ford Focus, Volkswagen Golf and Vauxhall/Opel Astra in Europe, it looked boring and beat them in many ways.

Today, Stilos are rare, especially in countries like the UK where people tend to get rid of older cars faster. People really didn’t like them. The Ford, VW and Vauxhall/Opel alternatives were better in almost every way.

3 fiat chrome

Fiat Croma front 3/4 view

The Fiat Croma is another forgotten model of the 2000s. Chroma’s bizarre attempt to fuse a station wagon with a crossover didn’t play either role looked boring was bored.

The Chroma has long since disappeared from Fiat’s model line-up, but most people are happy to see it that way. Even Michael Schumacher, known as the owner (he used it as his family’s car for a while), didn’t help boost its reputation.

2 Fiat Ritmo/Strada

fiat rhythm
Via: Wikipedia

The Fiat Ritmo (or Strada if you’re from the UK) was supposed to compete with the first generation of family hatchbacks from the late 1970s. Fiat’s test drive was commendable, but the Ritmo/Strada outperformed its other European competitors. It wasn’t a good looking car, and the UK didn’t particularly like it, so in the 1980s the Fiat Uno surpassed UK sales.

When it comes to family hatchbacks, it seems like a decades-old curse that Fiat can’t build anything as good as other European manufacturers. The Ritmo/Strada was just one of Fiat’s few attractive hatches, and this reputation continues today.

1 Fiat Multipla

2002 Fiat Multipla
Image: Fiat

No list of the worst cars Fiat ever made would be complete without mentioning the dreaded multipla. This first generation minivan has been the subject of many jokes over the years because of its looks. Some of the reasons for its quirky styling were functional (headlight placement, for example), but no one has ever considered it anything other than a bag-eye mess.

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Time has become multipla friendly. Some people love it for its shameless eccentricity and its unique position in a world full of SUVs.But for many of us it’s just that too Odd. There are cars that are uglier than the Multipla, but ugly is the first word that comes to mind when we think of bad-looking cars.

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