The Chevrolet Bolt Is Edmunds Top Rated Electric Car for 2023

The Volt isn’t the flashiest, best-driving, or powerful electric car you can buy today. It mostly comes down to the fact that you don’t have to. Instead, the Volt plays it all average, combining everything you want and what you want into an affordable, achievable package.

Let’s start with the obvious price. Starting at $27,495, the Volt is one of the cheapest new cars you can buy in 2023, not to mention a fully electric car, which cuts the Tesla Model 3 by over $20,000 and the base Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo. At the price, with the remaining money he can buy 3 bolts. But that doesn’t come with big concessions. The appeal of the Volt is that it is a complete package and at an exceptional price.

With an EPA-estimated range of 259 miles on tap (19 miles more in real-world range tests), the Bolt actually has more than a comparable newer competitor with a much larger battery than the 66. has a cruising range. -kWh units. It’s also surprisingly efficient, in real-world testing he used less energy than 54 of his 62 cars on the same loop. And while similarly priced competitors such as the Mini Cooper SE and Mazda MX-30 offer a range of about 100 miles, the Bolt isn’t really into long trips like his LA to Las Vegas trek. It is viable.

2023 Chevrolet Volt Exterior Details

Second, Bolt’s ease of use. It feels like any other small hatchback inside, and its interior doesn’t scream luxury, but it’s functional and spacious enough for a family of four. Additionally, the hatch provides a practical and usable space, and the Volt’s small proportions mean it can be easily positioned and parked anywhere. Additionally, EV powertrains work wonders for small cars with poor, unrefined gasoline engines. Instead, the Bolt’s EV powertrain is smooth and lends the whole car an air of refinement not available in this class.

Combine its efficiency, range and reachability and you have a very attractive small EV.The Volt is almost the perfect entry point for those curious about what owning an EV is like, and hopefully serves as a viable option for those with tighter budgets.2023 bolt of the year It won the Edmunds Top Rated Electric Car award not for flashy features, but by nailing the basics that many cars, EVs and other vehicles have yet to get the hang of.

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