the French reinvent the family saloon for the electric age

Soft cars like this tend to be difficult to handle, but the ε-C4 X is no problem. Beneath that is a fairly well-balanced and well-resolved chassis that, even when leaning a bit, always feels controlled and crisp during cornering. Too much and uncommunicative, the excitement of real driving is lacking.

The electric motor is good too, and has enough power to get by as long as it doesn’t tear your face off.

There’s a little hum around 20 mph, but otherwise it’s smooth and quiet. However, it’s a shame there aren’t many methods for regenerative braking. Only one level is available and you cannot really “one pedal” drive.

Verdict of the Telegraph

Then the E-C4 X is a bit of a mixed bag. It’s smooth, quiet, comfortable, relatively affordable for an electric car, and with a large trunk, it works well as a family car as long as you can live without a hatchback.

But it’s spoiled by minor issues like a clumsy entertainment system, so-so rear headroom, and a range that’s unmatched by rivals.

In short, there isn’t much to convince you to buy this saloon instead of its hatchback stablemates and other contemporaries. But if you’re one of a specific group that finds the idea of ​​an electric sedan appealing (perhaps a taxi owner-operator or a company car driver who cares more about cargo capacity than backseat space) ), we will not dissuade you. Also.

Telegram Rating: 3 stars out of 5


When testing: Citroen C4 X Shine

Body style: 4-door saloon (5-door hatchback also available)

Now on sale: now

How much? £34,495 on the road (ë-C4 X range from £31,995)

how fast? 93mph, 0-62mph in 10.0 seconds

how economical? to be decided

Engine & Gearbox: none

Electric powertrain: AC permanent magnet synchronous motor, 50kWh battery (total, TBC available), 100kW onboard charger, type 2/CCS charging socket

Electrical range: 224 miles

Maximum power/torque: 134 hp/192 lb-ft

CO2 emissions: 0g/km (in use), 28g/km (well to wheel)

To: £0

guarantee: 3 years / 60,000 miles

Spare wheel as standard: No (not available)


MG 5 EV Trophy Long Range

154bhp, 235 miles, 33,495 pounds on the road

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