The Honda Civic Is Edmunds Top Rated Car for 2023

So what makes the Civic so much better than the rest of its class? When you approach it, the first thing is clear: the design. It’s clean, smooth, and looks like a much more expensive car than it actually is. Whereas the last Civic looked like crab wheels, the 11th generation looks like a luxury car. I can say that I was playing around with it in terms of design, but I think it looks great and will age well.

The same goes for bright indoor spaces. The sleek low dashboard is neat and the infotainment screen might look like it fits right in your line of sight, but it works well to stay out of the way while driving and when you’re actually using it Easy to navigate. that. Honda also nailed the key controls. The buttons, switches, and dials all feel better than the rest of the class.

But what makes the Civic an Edmunds top-rated car winner is the way it drives. Honda strikes a nice balance between comfort and competence in corners, and the Civic is a car we can happily drive every day without hesitation. How can I beat it? I would like Honda’s rivals to take on the challenge.

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