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Everything You Need to Know About CES 2023

From stunning electric concept cars and charging systems designed to accelerate the transition to electromobility, to sensors that bring transportation closer to fully autonomous driving, innovation at CES dominated by the automotive industry.

The model’s debut makes it clear that CES is as much a tech conference as it is an auto show.Monday’s car news Realize the importance of the Las Vegas festival to the industry. From cover to cover, Pete tells the story of the 2023 show from page one, starting with his Bigelow overview of the opportunities and challenges facing the industry.

These debuts show how the architecture of electric vehicles is taking styling leaps into the age of sci-fi design. Stellantis’ two of his EV concepts, the Ram 1500 Revolution pickup and the sleek Peugeot Inception, prove that by getting rid of the internal combustion engine and automatic transmission, designers can make vehicles more dynamic and engaging. bottom.

But it wasn’t just the exterior of the new model that shone. BMW has introduced a new heads-up display technology that it believes will eventually replace the dashboard screen by projecting functions onto the windshield. It will reduce driver distraction by extending the

Elsewhere, sensor companies have unveiled new technologies that better embed key components of autonomous driving into the structure of vehicles, while improving our ability to understand road conditions and potential hazards.

Charging infrastructure was also ubiquitous to accelerate the transition to EVs. Mercedes-Benz has launched a direct challenge to Tesla’s Supercharger, announcing that it will create its own branded charging network.

And finally, Sony Honda Mobility’s entertainment and automotive mashup has revealed the Afeela EV sedan, which is set to go on sale in the US in early 2026.

Afeela aptly epitomized why the automotive industry currently dominates CES. 100+ year old machines are turning into devices.

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