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The yearbook full of useful data is back

After the positive feedback we received car news If you’ve subscribed to the first two yearbooks, we’re happy to bring you another one on Monday.

Although the threat of COVID-19 has diminished somewhat (with the exception of China) and liberation from the global microchip shortage appears imminent, 2022 will be the last two years defined by the crisis. As well, it was chock-full of industry-impacting events.

Topping the editors’ vote for the biggest story of the year is Senator Joe Manchin’s twisting of Congress on the electric vehicle tax credit, leading to the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act. See the rest of this year’s top 10 picks in our special issue on Monday.

Also, in this 88-page memorabilia, we’re going to do some of this year’s signature features. A little sampling:

car news Awards including Best Dealerships To Work For, All-Stars, PACE Awards and Distinguished Veterans.
■ Data listings including the top 150 dealer groups, the top 100 used car retailers, and the top 100 parts suppliers to North American and US car sales.
■ Compilation of our Future Product Pipeline series showing all automakers’ U.S. vehicle plans through 2026.

Keep this handy reference guide on your desk for the next year. And we hope that when 2023 is over, our loyal subscribers will once again have space in the yearbook.

Omari Gardner

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