The Jeep Beach 20th Anniversary Edition Has Some Really Cool Details Jeep Fans Will Love

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Jeep has a special 20th anniversary edition of the Jeep Beach Wrangler. In addition to all the features you’ve come to expect from this iconic model, this special edition Jeep boasts cool details that will make any Jeep fan swoon. Let’s take a look at what’s new in this limited edition car.

If you’re a Jeep fan, this is for you.The Jeep Beach 20th Anniversary Edition is equipped with custom-made leather seats with ‘Jeep Beach’ embossed. The logo is also placed on the door sills, floor mats, and front seat backs.

The 20th Anniversary badge is a striking metal strip that matches the body of the Jeep. The logo is a beach retro graphic with “20 Years” written underneath.

The 20th anniversary logo is also embroidered on the floor mats and front seat backs. The logo is not embroidered on the seat back, but appears as a decal placed on the fabric.

You can’t see the logo while driving, but it’s a nice eye-catching touch when you’re walking around in your Jeep with other people who have it.

The Jeep Beach 20th Anniversary Edition is a special edition model commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Jeep Wrangler. It is a rare car that was just produced in 2016.

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