The latest numbers on the automotive microchip shortage

According to the latest AutoForecast Solutions estimates, automakers expect the industry-wide disruption of microchip supplies to force them to cut less than 3 million vehicles from their 2023 production schedule, which is It will improve significantly from this year.

The positive outlook could be attributed to a slowly improving semiconductor supply and a possible recession next year, which would reduce demand for new cars and force automakers to ramp up production first. Sam Fiorani said the planned number of vehicles would be reduced. Vice President of Global Vehicle Forecasts for AFS.

AFS estimates that 4.55 million vehicles will be lost from automakers’ factory schedules this year, following 10.5 million that will be retired in 2021.

About 4.41 million vehicles have been lost to chip shortages, according to AFS. This includes automakers cutting about 63,200 vehicles from their schedules this week alone.

More than half of this week’s losses will occur in Europe. AFS reported additional reductions in China (14,700 units), the rest of Asia (8,600 units), North America (4,700 units) and South America (300 units).

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